Map of fundamental technologies in legal services

Dialogue is pleased to publish Map of fundamental technologies in legal services by Michelle Mahoney, Executive Director of Innovation with King & Wood Mallesons. It’s a valuable contribution and educational resource, not least because to my knowledge, this map is the only one of its kind. Readers’ views on the Map’s utility and ways to improve it are invited.  

The key benefit of the Map is its helicopter view of the ‘big four’ technologies – AI, blockchain, enterprise systems (i.e. databases) and pre-programmed code – and their many applications in legal services, e.g. document automation, expertise automation, legal research, matter management, all aspects of practice and client management, due diligence and e-discovery.

The need for a map came to light in preparing learning resources for the Fundamental Technologies Shaping Legal Services subject in the College of Law’s Master In Legal Business. 

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