Succeeding in BigLaw means business velocity

With a business person’s perspective, contributor Tim Corcoran, is back on Dialogue with Succeeding in BigLaw means business velocity. Tim’s is another compelling view of the gap between what clients need and what law firms, in the main, believe they are delivering. Referenced at the end of Tom’s post, our research on what clients see as and need from innovation makes the same point from another angle. I commend Tim’s piece.
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Incentivising the New Normal

Businesses that don’t merely endure, but thrive, over extended time periods tend to attract and foster leaders who establish and maintain tight alignment between business strategy and business execution.
Unfocused businesses with unfocused leaders generate sub-optimal financial performance even when things are going well. But when permanent market disruptions occur — a certainty in every market segment — unfocused businesses with unfocused leaders tend to flail until they’re acquired, dissolved, or relegated to a shadow of their former strength. This is a lesson that many law firm leaders have learned.

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Ten Things I’d Do Differently as a Law Firm CEO

Tim Corcoran first published Ten Things I’d Do Differently as a Law Firm CEO on his blog in March 2013. Re-reading Tim’s illuminating views reminds me plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. Most (well, at least most observers) now agree the biggest challenge facing BigLaw business model firms is change management. Tim focuses our minds on actions top leaders can take to enable firms to cope better with the increasingly tough external environment.  It’s no surprise that after four years, Ten Things I’d Do Differently as a Law Firm CEO remains the top rating post on Tim’s blog.

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The Lateral Unicorn – Recruiting a Fantasy

Today’s thinkpiece by Tim Corcoran, The Lateral Unicorn – Recruiting a Fantasy, is not only timely (once again!), but also cogently put. Trade media headlines using phrases like ‘lateral hiring frenzy’ and ‘laterals hit another record’ abound and make good voyeuristic copy. But I think Tim’s headline, The Lateral Unicorn – Recruiting a Fantasy, really nails the issue. Read why. 

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Law 2023: A Look Ahead for the Legal Profession

Tim Corcoran’s assessment of the future of the legal services industry is captured in his post ‘Law 2023: A Look Ahead for the Legal Profession’. Tim draws, in part, on a report issued by, to which he was a major contributor. 

The Law 2023 report is of particular interest because its authors are independent (i.e. not commissioned by a bar association or law society or regulator), the method adopted by the collaborating partners, and the range of interviewees.  Law 2023 is well worth the time to study.

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