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The Dialogue provides a forum for those invested in BigLaw firms to add their voices to the remaking conversation.

We encourage lawyers and others with a stake in the profession: clients, partners, and leaders of BigLaw firms, NewLaw participants, academics, law students, analysts, commentators, and others to join in.

There are no right or wrong views, diversity and differences are crucial to imagining the future.

Readers are invited to contribute their posts (subject to curation)  and comments.

Contact me at george.beaton@beatonglobal.com or call me +61 418 325 351.

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Remaking News of the Week: Bill Henderson on Microsoft and Innovation

In July 2017 David Howard, a senior Microsoft general counsel announced “Microsoft’s New Strategic Partner Program.

In an important post on Legal Evolution last month, Bill Henderson,  Professor of Law at Indiana University Maurer School of Law, explains the rationale, mechanics and high hopes for this initiative.

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Legally Innovative is refreshingly different

Legally Innovative by Anna Lozynski is a refreshingly different and practical exhortation to ‘get with’ innovation for lawyers of all stripes everywhere.

The Foreword by Scott A. Westfahl of Harvard Law School appropriately invokes Martin Luther’s 1521 exhortation to ‘sin boldly’, setting the scene for a scintillating read.

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Do you have the leadership to make your digital transformation happen?

In May I made mention of What’s Your Digital Business Model? – a new book by Professor Peter Weill and Dr Stephanie Woerner of MIT. The work has immediate relevance to BigLaw business model law firms and corporate law departments.

Today’s post highlights a video by Stephanie Woerner, the sixth in a series based on What’s Your Digital Business Model? Listen as Stephanie describes the leadership required to enable digital business transformation.

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Law firm innovation takes more than talk

In Law firm innovation takes more than talk, Ron Friedmann writes the legal market remains abuzz with innovation talk and articles, but absent from that discussion is assessing the impact of innovation. I explain here the innovation buzz and assess its current state and impact.

Assessing it turns out to be hard, so I include a case study of Ogletree Deakins to illustrate one innovation approach.

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Recommendations for corporate legal buyers and providers in the digital age

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Lawyers, lemons and lemmings from Heather Suttie

In Lawyers, Lemons and Lemmings, I suggest that whether you’re a lawyer, a lemon, or a lemming, you’re different from others of your species, and that your unique factors distinguish you from the rest of your kind. Lawyers, lemons and lemmings may seem very disparate, but they have more in common than you might think.

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Remaking News of the Week: PwC’s Flexible Legal Resources

Today I feature Ari Kaplan‘s interview with Dr. Marc Morant, Head of Flexible Legal Resources at PwC Switzerland.

In this podcast they discuss the mission of PwC’s Flexible Legal Resources practice. It informs how PwC is building and combining flexi lawyer and compliance specialists with a traditional partner-based model in Switzerland and the UK.

Listen here.

More on The Dialogue on PwC’s moves in legal services. It’s just the beginning….



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