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Dialogue provides a forum for those invested in BigLaw firms to add their voices to the remaking conversation.

We encourage lawyers and others with a stake in the profession: clients, partners, and leaders of BigLaw firms, NewLaw participants, academics, law students, analysts, commentators, and others to join in.

There are no right or wrong views, diversity and differences are crucial to imagining the future.

Readers are invited to contribute their posts (subject to curation) and comments.

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Talking with Lachlan McKnight, founder of LegalVision

Lachlan McKnight is the CEO of LegalVision, an award-winning NewLaw firm. I had the pleasure of talking with him recently.

1. Lachlan, the last decade has seen the proliferation of NewLaw business model providers of B2B and  B2C legal services. How does LegalVision interpret this growth and the diversity in types of provider?

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Remaking News of the Week: Majority of US GCs expect a recession

In Remaking News of the Week: Majority of US GCs expect a recession this week we report the just-published findings of the 2019 Altman Weil report titled, Law Departments Show Caution on Hiring and Spending in 2019.

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Remaking News of the Week: Traditional law firms must adapt or die

Legal Futures recently headlined Traditional law firms must adapt or die, tech GCs warn. 

The interview reported the use of what some might call melodramatic language, like ‘inertia’, ‘still stacking meetings with lawyers’, ‘unless BigLaw adapts to the way agile providers are doing things, they’re on their death bed’ and ‘they need to change their (business) model’.

The GCs head the legal functions in Monzo, Transferwise and Revolut– all tech companies. They are exposed on a daily basis to tech- and business model-based innovation in the early stages of the life cycle. As such, their voices are portents for BigLaw.

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Where’s the legal services pricing puck heading?

Where’s the legal services pricing puck heading? is a compelling interview with Richard Burcher, the leading authority on pricing legal services and contributor to the Dialogue on Remaking Law Firms.

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Big 4 vs BigLaw Legal Talent

My Tweet (featured below) gave rise to multiple related and robust conversations, especially about the legal talent that BigLaw (large law firms) hire versus the talent that the Big 4 hire. And I suspect that alternative legal service providers align with the Big 4 for purposes of this talent conversation.

The conversations highlighted for me the question of whether the Big 4 can achieve substantially different results, costs, or outcomes by hiring the same legal talent as BigLaw does.

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Law’s shift from practice to skill

During a recent visit to the National University of Singapore Law School (NUS), I asked a first-year student what being a lawyer meant to him. His response was thoughtful and prescient: “I regard law as a skill. I plan to leverage my legal training and meld it with my passion for business, technology, and policy. For me, law is not about practice.” Out of the mouths of babes!

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Remaking News of the Week: GCs show their colours

Remaking News of the Week: GCs show their colours covers a post by  titledGeneral counsel stand up to improve the legal talent supply chain’.

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