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Dialogue provides a forum for those invested in BigLaw firms to add their voices to the remaking conversation.

We encourage lawyers and others with a stake in the profession: clients, partners, and leaders of BigLaw firms, NewLaw participants, academics, law students, analysts, commentators, and others to join in.

There are no right or wrong views, diversity and differences are crucial to imagining the future.

Readers are invited to contribute their posts (subject to curation)  and comments.

Contact me at george.beaton@beatonglobal.com or call me +61 418 325 351.

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Ron Friedmann’s highlights from the Altman Weil CLO 2018 survey

This post covers regular contributor Ron Friedmann’s highlights of the annual Altman Weil CLO Survey.

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5th anniversary of NewLaw New Rules

Five years ago, on December 15, 2013 I published NewLaw New Rules – A conversation about the future of the legal services industry. The 210 page e-book grew out of my 7 October 2013 post, which provoked a maelstrom of comments and replies, described by Richard Susskind as “a rapid-fire Socratic exchange…in the best spirit of peer production”.  

TheNewLaw New Rules narrative drew heavily on comments and replies from over 40 ‘innovators, law firm leaders, disruptors, gurus and rebels’ from many corners of the globe.

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The lawyer from Wagga Wagga in a three-piece suit

The lawyer from Wagga Wagga in a three-piece suit tells a story that gives me confidence the legal profession will (eventually) re-invent the way it serves the public in the interests of access to justice and democracy.

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Remaking News of the Week: Adam Smith Esq on BigLaw leadership

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Remaking News of the Week: Baker Mckenzie nears $3b

In Remaking News of the Week: Baker Mckenzie nears $3b I am pleased to reference Conventus Leadership, a leading source of analysis, facts, opinion and news on legal services in the Asia-Pacific. Conventus reports geographically-dispersed Baker McKenzie is nearing $3b in the year-ended ended 2018. In USD, this represents year-on-year growth of 8%.

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25 years ago David Maister published Managing the Professional Service Firm

It’s 25 years since David Maister published Managing the Professional Service Firm (1993). I count myself fortunate to have a copy inscribed by David on my bookshelf. 

Recently, while preparing a presentation to professional services CMOs, I dipped into chapter 2, The Professional Firm Lifecycle and was reminded of the depth of David’s prescience on how meeting the range of clients’ needs profitably requires different business models.

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For what are law schools training students?

Today from the redoubtable Mark A. Cohen Dialogue on Remaking Law Firms posts For what are law schools training students? This is part of our recent series on law schools and their role in the legal services ecosystem.

The legal profession and the trillion-dollar global industry are undergoing a transformation. The seminal elements of legal practice—differentiated expertise, experience, skills, and judgment—remain largely unchanged. The delivery of legal services is a different story altogether.

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