Private equity invests in NewLaw firm Axiom

Axiom Law, one of NewLaw’s pioneering companies, both internationally and in Asia, has announced a new private equity investment from Permira, a major investor in LegalZoom.  The new investment comes after a recent planned initial public offering (IPO) was cancelled.

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K&L Gates is a first mover with full-time client development professionals

K&L Gates is a first mover with full-time client development professionals is a Q&A between K&L Gates Chief Marketing Officer, Jeff Berardi, and John Grimley, a regular Contributor to Dialogue. The interview explains why and how K&L Gates is leading the way with full-time client development professionals. 

In March 2017, international BigLaw firm K&L Gates established a client-facing business development initiative staffed by full-time client development professionals. In Dialogue on Remaking Law Firms’ continuing coverage of the development of sales practices (used up until now largely by Big4 firms) within BigLaw firms, Jeff Berardi and John Grimley explore this initiative.

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To build a BigLaw sales force, start small

‘To build a BigLaw sales force, start small’ is a thoughtful piece from John Grimley, one of our long-time Contributors to Dialogue. John critiques and elaborates on an article in The American Lawyer by longtime Chief Marketing Officer for K&L Gates Jeffrey Berardi.

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BigLaw sales debate in the spotlight again

In “Is it time for law firms to deploy sales teams?”, his recent article in Bloomberg BigLaw Business, Aric Press, former Editor-in-Chief of The American Lawyer, and now a partner at PP&C Consulting, raised an important question about how the sales function is organized and resourced in BigLaw firms.

This question is a theme on Dialogue and was a major feature in Chapter 8 of Remaking Law Firms: Why & How, so I welcome this new post from John Grimley, advocate-in-chief for BigLaw Firms to embrace professional sales forces.

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Axiom’s vision for legal services in the Asia-Pacific

In ‘Axiom’s vision for legal services in the Asia-Pacific‘ John Grimley, a regular contributor to Dialogue, conducts a Q&A with Kirsty Dougan, Axiom Law’s Head in Asia.

Not only does what Kirsty reveals shed light on Axiom’s vision and value proposition, it demonstrates the rapid growth and sophistication of legal services in the Region. 

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