BigLaw sales debate in the spotlight again

In “Is it time for law firms to deploy sales teams?”, his recent article in Bloomberg BigLaw Business, Aric Press, former Editor-in-Chief of The American Lawyer, and now a partner at PP&C Consulting, raised an important question about how the sales function is organized and resourced in BigLaw firms.

This question is a theme on The Dialogue and was a major feature in Chapter 8 of Remaking Law Firms: Why & How, so I welcome this new post from John Grimley, advocate-in-chief for BigLaw Firms to embrace professional sales forces.

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Axiom’s vision for legal services in the Asia-Pacific

In ‘Axiom’s vision for legal services in the Asia-Pacific‘ John Grimley, a regular contributor to The Dialogue, conducts a Q&A with Kirsty Dougan, Axiom Law’s Head in Asia.

Not only does what Kirsty reveals shed light on Axiom’s vision and value proposition, it demonstrates the rapid growth and sophistication of legal services in the Region. 

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NewLaw firm lexvoco enters Japan

On April 21, 2017, Asia Law Portal broke the news that NewLaw firm lexvoco has entered the Japanese market. With the permission of John Grimley, a regular contributor to The Dialogue, I am pleased to publish the essence of this important news.

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BigLaw: How to win more work from an international law firm alliance

In this post on How to win more work from an international law firm alliance, John Grimley uses the alliance between the UK’s Bird & Bird and South Korean firm Hwang Mok Park (HMP) to highlight the potential attractiveness—as well as pitfalls—of international law firm marketing alliances.

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The sales function in BigLaw firms

‘The sales function in BigLaw firms’ is a provocative post by John Grimley that highlights one of the themes in Remaking Law Firms. In our book, Imme Kaschner and I argued for a (degree of) separation of sales and production in BigLaw firms. Inter alia, we cited the success enjoyed by PwC in the US, illustrated by our interview with David Worley.

As the foremost exponent of this concept, John Grimley puts a powerful case. One might well ask, are BigLaw firms and their services so different from other industries that separating sales and production is unworkable? I invite you to read what John has to say.

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