Seven articles to help you understand how AI can transform your legal practice

It’s been a busy month for the Kira Systems team with the announcement of our SOC2 Certification, enhanced document classifier, and new customers and partnerships. With all this buzz around artificial intelligence (AI), you may be wondering how much of it is real and can help you understand how AI can transform your legal practice.

To help you understand what is really happening with AI in the legal context, in 7 Articles to Help You Understand How AI Can Transform Your Legal Practice we’ve pulled together seven articles that cut through the hype.

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Will IBM’s Watson transform contract review and law practice?

One Ring to Rule Them All? Will IBM’s Watson Transform Contract Review and Law Practice? is today’s guest post by Noah Waisberg, CEO of Kira Systems. The post first appeared on June 24, 2015 on the Kira Systems blog and is reproduced here with Noah’s permission.

I was particularly intrigued by the opening statement “Watson….will give lawyers permission to think innovatively…” Read why for yourself.

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