Harbinger of the change affecting #BigLaw, courtesy of @ArtificialLawya

Harbinger of the change affecting #BigLaw, courtesy of @ArtificialLawya breaks with the pattern of The Dialogue: [1] I am publishing Richard Troman’s article as a news item [2] hours prior to the release of Ken Grady’s post on transformational change. This juxtaposition is a metaphor for what all BigLaw business model firms need to come to grips with, very quickly. Thank you Richard – and Ken.     

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Seven articles to help you understand how AI can transform your legal practice

It’s been a busy month for the Kira Systems team with the announcement of our SOC2 Certification, enhanced document classifier, and new customers and partnerships. With all this buzz around artificial intelligence (AI), you may be wondering how much of it is real and can help you understand how AI can transform your legal practice.

To help you understand what is really happening with AI in the legal context, in 7 Articles to Help You Understand How AI Can Transform Your Legal Practice we’ve pulled together seven articles that cut through the hype.

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Hype vs. Reality: Is everything AI now?

Today, Ron Friedmann, one of our regular contributors to The Dialogue, penned this live post on Prism Legal from the Hype vs. Reality: Is everything AI now? session at the College of Law Practice Management annual Futures Conference in Atlanta. I don’t normally post four times in a week, but Ron’s piece is so topical and interesting, I am sharing it while it’s ‘hot’. Thank you Ron; you are one of the master’s of the art of live-blogging. 

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Herbert Smith Freehills sets out its legal AI vision

In Artificial Lawyer, Richard Tromans reports that Herbert Smith Freehills (HSF) has set out its approach to the use of legal AI in a major report published on September 14, 2017. HSF joins a growing number of law firms to now publicly embrace the use of AI and to actively engage with clients to find out what services they want to be supported by machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) technology.

The report is in part a sort of ‘beginner’s guide’ educational work to explain to readers what legal AI is all about, but also more interestingly sets out HSF’s own views on what legal AI will do for the legal sector and how the firm is approaching the subject.

Clients’ views on legal AI

The firm has also published feedback from its clients on how they see the adoption of AI among their legal advisers. And this is perhaps the best bit of the report.

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Deloitte, KPMG & PwC all agree: Is law listening?

Back in October 2015, the inimitable Michael Mills, chief strategy officer and co-founder of Neota Logic, wrote this clever article on LinkedIn: Deloitte, KPMG & PwC all agree: Is law listening? With the rising interest (and concern amongst many BigLaw firms), I am pleased to re-post Deloitte, KPMG & PwC all agree: Is law listening? on The Dialogue.

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AI and the Legal Renaissance

AI and the Legal Renaissance is another very helpful post by Richard Tromans.  

When AI first reached the ears of the legal market some years ago there was a flurry of stories about the end of lawyers. For years afterward and with Pavlov dogs-like automation any mention of legal AI summoned up the panicked refrain: ‘The end of lawyers is coming, the end of lawyers is coming!’

This was until law firms and corporates actually started to make use of legal AI systems, especially in the last two years and even more so last year. The clichéd refrain, now exposed to the cleansing light of real experience, seemed to die away upon contact.

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