Law firm innovation takes more than talk

In Law firm innovation takes more than talk, Ron Friedmann writes the legal market remains abuzz with innovation talk and articles, but absent from that discussion is assessing the impact of innovation. I explain here the innovation buzz and assess its current state and impact.

Assessing it turns out to be hard, so I include a case study of Ogletree Deakins to illustrate one innovation approach.

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Remaking News of the Week: Some BigLaw firms are becoming platforms

In today’s Remaking News of the Week, I feature Some BigLaw firms are becoming platforms, a premonitory piece by Joel Barolsky.

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Compensation plans are wrecking law firms

The greatest threat to the survival and success of law firms today is not client empowerment, or Big 4 accountancies, or artificial intelligence, or even generational change. These and other trends will have a significant impact on law firms in the years to come — but none of them is actively working to undermine law firms’ productivity, hobble their strategic efforts, and compromise the health of their lawyers.

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Glenn Gould, Bach and the beauty of flat teams

Glenn Gould, Bach and the beauty of flat teams introduces Eric Fiszelson as the latest Contributor to join Dialogue on Remaking Law Firms. With Eva and HansEric strengthens our European contingent. We’ll all benefit from Eric’s Gallic cultural flair. 

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Nothing You Can Say On Diversity

Nothing You Can Say Can Cause Me To Retain You remains among the most important blog posts for understanding the corporate legal market. Mark Hermann, self-styled curmudgeon and then Chief Counsel – Litigation and Global Chief Compliance Officer at Aon, expertly expounds on why he is loath to add new law firms: He already has really good lawyers.

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K&L Gates is a first mover with full-time client development professionals

K&L Gates is a first mover with full-time client development professionals is a Q&A between K&L Gates Chief Marketing Officer, Jeff Berardi, and John Grimley, a regular Contributor to Dialogue. The interview explains why and how K&L Gates is leading the way with full-time client development professionals. 

In March 2017, international BigLaw firm K&L Gates established a client-facing business development initiative staffed by full-time client development professionals. In Dialogue on Remaking Law Firms’ continuing coverage of the development of sales practices (used up until now largely by Big4 firms) within BigLaw firms, Jeff Berardi and John Grimley explore this initiative.

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