At the bleeding edge of law

At the bleeding edge of law is contributed by two who’ve been there and done that, David Perla and Sanjay Kamlani. The pair is known for co-founding Pangea3, an LPO pioneer, in 2004 and successfully exiting in 2012.  

In this post, they explain why they believe the long aversion to leveraging capital in law is changing fast.

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A Challenge For The Gatekeepers

In his recent post, A Challenge For The Gatekeepers on Above-The-Law, David Perla wrote: “I have a message for the gatekeepers of the legal industry: Change is coming — with or without you”. In my opinion, David knows a thing or two about the challenges that BigLaw firms face – and are largely still ignoring. Read what he has to say. Stop and reflect ‘Are you a gatekeeper?’ and if so, ‘Who’s interests are you serving?’  

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