Continuing Heather Suttie’s Analysis of the Big Four: Next Big Bite

Continuing Heather Suttie’s Analysis of the Big Four: Next Big Bite is an insightful look at just how far and fast the Big Four are likely to encroach on BigLaw’s patch. Heather’s post is well-timed! In the last two months two Australian-based former managing partners of King & Wood Mallesons, a premier BigLaw firm, have been named global heads of PwC Legal and KPMG Legal. A certain sign of the times      

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Legal Gets a Mulligan

OK, I have to admit when I first read Heather’s post Legal Gets a Mulligan I had to ask Google “What’s a Mulligan?”.  

I found this helpful explanation in Wikipedia, “A mulligan is a second chance to perform an action, usually after the first chance went wrong through bad luck or a blunder. Its best-known meaning is in golf, whereby a player is informally allowed to replay a stroke, even though this is against the formal rules of golf.”

Read on and decide for yourself about the power of Heather’s Mulligan metaphor.

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The value of legal market positioning

In The value of legal market positioning our regular contributor Heather Suttie argues that definitive legal market positioning leads to a distinctive, authoritative brand for a law firm. And the corollary is that trying to be everything to everyone means a firm stands for nothing in no one’s mind.

Research (by beaton, my Voice of Clients consultancy) over many years amongst the clients of Australian and New Zealand clients of corporate BigLaw firms shows it is possible to differentiate a law firm and sustain a position in the served market. And, it’s no surprise that having a distinctive position correlates with superior client satisfaction, supporting Heather’s proposition that ‘legal market position is critical to surviving while your brand is key to thriving’.

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No ‘Alternatives’ Anymore

These days reference to ‘alphabet soup’ is frequent when speaking and writing about legal services. I recently heard Richard Susskind rattle off 20 different acronyms and names for the many and varied forms of legal services provider, which in my Remaking Law Firms book I called a ‘kaleidoscope’. In today’s post our regular contributor Heather Suttie calls for abandoning the term ‘alternative legal service provider’ (ALSP). I heartily concur. Read what Heather says and decide for yourself.

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10 legal services marketing trends to watch this year

10 legal services marketing trends to watch this year by Heather Suttie is my choice of the many 2019 watch lists on BigLaw. It’s a compelling, commonsense synthesis.

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