Toward client industry alignment

In ‘Toward client industry alignment’ Heather Suttie suggests that BigLaw practice is shifting cautiously toward focusing on and organising around client sectors and industries. Read why…

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Mid-market law firm brouhaha

Mid-market law firm brouhaha is my stream of consciousness arguing the illogicality of the concerns about the thinning ranks of mid-market firms.

Dictionaries define brouhaha as a noisy and overexcited reaction to something. That, in my opinion, is exactly what happens every time a mid-size (aka mid-market) firm ‘merges’ with larger, often international, firm.

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Navigating the multi-polar legal market

Georgetown Law School and the Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute are ready to call it: the party’s officially over. The 2017 edition of their annual Report on the State of the Legal Market is unequivocal in its assessment of how completely the commercial legal services market has changed over the past decade.

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Stagnation and the legal services industry

Real transformation has yet to arrive writes Ken Grady in his latest post Stagnation and the legal services industry. Welcome back Ken!  Readers can look forward to the sequel in a few days from now.

It is unpopular today to write something about the legal industry from a realist perspective. Optimism abounds among entrepreneurs, and among the old guard there exists the fantasy that the world is not as bad as everyone says it is. Unfortunately for me, I am a realist

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How lawyers benefit from legal project management

In How lawyers benefit from legal project management Hans Schuurmann examines legal project management (LPM) from a business and managerial point of view. He shows how LPM improves processes between client and lawyer – and how both sides of the exchange benefit as a result.

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Fighting for law firm dollars

Heather Suttie’s Fighting for law firm dollars discusses how the continuing pressure on the extraction of value and the intense focus on profit maximisation is resulting in tightened controls and reduction of law firm spending.

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