The value of legal market positioning

In The value of legal market positioning our regular contributor Heather Suttie argues that definitive legal market positioning leads to a distinctive, authoritative brand for a law firm. And the corollary is that trying to be everything to everyone means a firm stands for nothing in no one’s mind.

Research (by beaton, my Voice of Clients consultancy) over many years amongst the clients of Australian and New Zealand clients of corporate BigLaw firms shows it is possible to differentiate a law firm and sustain a position in the served market. And, it’s no surprise that having a distinctive position correlates with superior client satisfaction, supporting Heather’s proposition that ‘legal market position is critical to surviving while your brand is key to thriving’.

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10 legal services marketing trends to watch this year

10 legal services marketing trends to watch this year by Heather Suttie is my choice of the many 2019 watch lists on BigLaw. It’s a compelling, commonsense synthesis.

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Remaking News of the Week: Some BigLaw firms are becoming platforms

In today’s Remaking News of the Week, I feature Some BigLaw firms are becoming platforms, a premonitory piece by Joel Barolsky.

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Why crofting is so important to law firms

I wrote Why crofting is so important to law firms a couple years ago after Brian Inkster and I met online. Both of Scottish descent, we had much in common from the get-go.

Why crofting is so important to law firms is not a spoof or a piece of trivia. It’s a serious message to all BigLaw business model firms and a tribute to the mercurial Brian at the same time. This post is written for practising attorneys, not just those with Scottish or Irish blood.

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Toward client industry alignment

In ‘Toward client industry alignment’ Heather Suttie suggests that BigLaw practice is shifting cautiously toward focusing on and organising around client sectors and industries. Read why…

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Mid-market law firm brouhaha

Mid-market law firm brouhaha is my stream of consciousness arguing the illogicality of the concerns about the thinning ranks of mid-market firms.

Dictionaries define brouhaha as a noisy and overexcited reaction to something. That, in my opinion, is exactly what happens every time a mid-size (aka mid-market) firm ‘merges’ with larger, often international, firm.

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