Innovating with technology: Advice from vendor CEOs

With Innovating with technology: Advice from vendor CEOs, Catherine J. Moynihan examines the vendors’ perspective, which is too-often neglected in supply chains. This is all the more reason to listen to Catherine’s outstanding view of law departments and BigLaw firms innovating with technology from the insider-outsiders’ angle

Catherine writes for The Dialogue in this re-post from Inside Voice, a new Association of Corporate Counsel column featuring articles authored by the leaders of the ACC’s  legal management services department. The objective of the  Inside Voice column is to reveal insight on the pressing trends affecting in-house legal practice and corporate legal departments across the globe.

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Signs of the times: The rise of managed legal services

This month I am delighted to welcome Catherine J. (CJ) Moynihan as a contributor to The Dialogue. As a senior director of legal management services at the Association of Corporate Counsel,  she is the subject matter expert on managing the legal function, legal spending, and the ACC Value Challenge. Catherine has many and special perspectives on changes in the legal services supply chain, especially those being driven by clients.

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