ABA honours Remaking Law Firms with three major reviews

On its ShopABA page, the ABA honours Remaking Law Firms: Why & How with three major reviews, one from each of the UK, Spain and the US. Read why Barry Wilkinson, Dr Eva Bruch and Bruce MacEwen commend Remaking Law Firms to law firm leaders.

Barry Wilkinson principal of Wilkinson Read & Partners in the UK wrote his review In The Law Society’s Law Management Section newsletter on 24 August 2017. “There are big forces in play at all levels in the legal market. Beaton and Kaschner have provided a very valuable foretaste of what is to come. In the coming years, partners cannot say that they weren’t warned.

160827 ShopABA pageDr Eva Bruch, principal of More Than Law in Spain wrote her review on July 25, 2016.”George Beaton no cae en la especulación: se basa en estudios de mercado propios y ajenos, cuenta con la opinión de expertos en el sector y por su propia experiencia profesional, se atreve a dibujar el futuro del sector legal. Si tienes curiosidad por saber cómo serán los clientes en 2025 o cómo van a satisfacer su necesidad de servicios jurídicos, las respuestas están en este libro.”


Bruce MacEwen principal of Adam Smith Esq. in the US wrote his review on May 31, 2016.  “All in all, Remaking delivers thoroughly, solidly, and comprehensively on its promise of providing a roadmap to the why and how of the way ahead for law firms that believe the forces of change outlined in the beginning are real and are going to gain force. You could say that the title, combined with George’s sterling background and credentials, deliver what’s promised in spades.

Remaking Law Firms: Why & How is available in hard and soft copies from the ABA and Amazon (hard copy only) in the US and the UK.

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