Remaking Law Firms podcasts: Parts 1 and 2

I am pleased share two podcasts on Remaking Law Firms: Why & How with you. The podcasts were produced by Counter Tax Lawyers of Canada as part of their @BuildingNewLaw campaign. I trust you find these a valuable resource.

Peter Aprile and Natalie Worsfold of Counter Tax Lawyers interviewed me in March 2016 at the time of the publication  of Remaking Law Firms: Why & How by the American Bar Association.

Counter Tax LawyersPart 1 explains the essence of the NewLaw business model and why traditional law firms and their clients will benefit from being remade by drawing on innovations from NewLaw.

Part 2 explores how to start the remaking journey and how understanding readiness for change prepares a traditional law firm.

GRB NLNR head dressSome have asked about the meaning of my head dress for the occasion.

Well…it’s the cover of NewLaw New Rules, my e-book on the NewLaw phenomenon. And why did I wear it? You’ll need to write to me for the answer at; it’s rather personal.

You can order you e- or hard copy of Remaking Law Firms: Why & How and read the early reviews here.

As always, Imme Kaschner, my co-author, and I welcome your feedback and engagement in the remaking journey. Sign up and join the conversation on Dialogue: The Remaking Law Firms blog.

George Beaton

Counter Tax Lawyers



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