Why Remaking Law Firms is being so well received

Only a few weeks after publication, reviews by clients, law firm leaders, consultants and commentators show why Remaking Law Firms: Why and How is being so well received, filling a large and critical gap for all involved in legal services delivery. Remaking Law Firms is now available from ShopABA

D. Casey Flaherty, Principal of Procertas reflects the essence of the opinion: “Remaking Law Firms finally provides me a Casey Flahertysimple answer to questions I am often asked: Where should I start? What should I read? I did not lack answers before. There are many, many people worth reading, including the redoubtable George Beaton. But there are too many people and too much content to provide a feasible starting point. The challenge is curation. In Remaking Law Firms, George Beaton and Imme Kaschner provide a concise and cogent introduction to the confusion of the modern legal market, including insights from many of its leading voices.

Remaking Law Firms is the optimal resource for someone looking to get a handle on why headlines about record law-firm profits compete for space with headlines about law-firm bankruptcies and a long-promised reckoning. But the book may even be more valuable to those well acquainted with the topic. While the general concepts are familiar to anyone who spends too much of their time at conferences concerned with the future of law, the organization and thematic coherence of Remaking Law Firms provide a comprehensive perspective that is only possible in a book-length examination of where we are, how we got here, and where we are going next.”

Remaking Law Firms: Why and How is being very well received

These reviews testimonials from law leaders in the US, UK, Canada and Australia are rich in praise for the insights and actionability of Remaking Law Firms: Why and How.

“This book is a must read If you work in the legal industry & have any desire to continue to do so 5 years from now. Clients are changing, the environment in which firms operate is changing and firms have to adapt to those changes. Those that do will thrive, those that do not are at risk. The responsibility does not simply rest at firm level though. Whether Managing Partner, newly qualified or business support professional change is coming. Possibly slower than some predict but definitely faster than many hope for.”
Martin J. Bragg, 21 March 2017
Business Development Manager at Hadef & Partners, Abu Dhabi
Remaking Law Firms FINAL FRONT cover“Remaking Law Firms stimulates our thinking of how our market is changing on a range of dimensions, and how to position ourselves to benefit from these developments. Law firm clients and people in their private lives have been exposed to many of these changes for some time, and are – for the most part – adjusting well. Similarly, many law firms and their leaders have recognized this for some time and are looking to evolve their organizations’ strategies to compete in a world undergoing rapid change. Most of this is driven by advent of radically different ‘technologies’ in a wider sense, and the business models they enable, or destroy. As a result, clients are choosing to do business in much different ways to what they did as recently as a couple of years ago. That is, they demand value and innovation from their providers. Remaking Law Firms: Why and How is a very helpful guide in responding to and anticipating some of these changes. The book shows how to use them to one’s competitive advantage.”
Gerard Neiditsch, March 17, 2016 
Research Associate: University of St. Gallen, Switzerland | Former CIO at Allens Linklaters, Norton Rose Fulbright and Mallesons Stephen Jaques
“George Beaton and Imme Kaschner have gathered compelling evidence of real change taking place in the legal industry right now – and they offer strategies for legal businesses to prosper in response to the opportunity their research has uncovered.”
Liam Brown,  March 16, 2016
Founder and CEO, Elevate Services, Los Angeles
“Congratulations to George and Imme on ‘Remaking Law Firms‘. It is a compelling read on many levels. You have managed to capture all of the key themes facing businesses generally, and particularly the legal profession. Certainly, our experience as one of the so-called ‘NewLaw’ innovators reflects many of the core challenges and opportunities identified in the book. The only area I found difficulty agreeing with was your analysis about the need for time recording. As you are probably aware, authors such as Ron Baker have critiqued this area at length and reject the conclusion you have reached. Our personal experience is the same. In particular, while recording time (while pricing everything fixed basis), our focus was always ultimately on what was chargeable. It was not until we stopped recording time that the cultural shift finally took place to allow us to focus on what was valuable to the client. Well done again on an extremely well-researched and thought provoking book.”
Matthew Burgess, March 13, 2016
Director -View Legal, Brisbane

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