Remaking News of the Week: War for talent

This week Remaking News of the Week is a short piece on talent management in BigLaw firms. Bill Henderson’s Legal Evolution is an excellent source of evidence-based reporting and opinion on the legal services ecosystem – War for talent is no exception.

On contributor  The paper is grounded in research amongst large London law firms and reports on the relationship between associate salaries and the performance culture of the firm, as the exhibit shows.

Acknowledgement: Parker Analytics and Legal Cheek

Evan writes: “Imagine you’re the London office managing partner of a global law firm and Legal Cheek just published their 2019 report cards.  You’re happy that associates and trainees gave your firm an “A+” for Office Perks and Quality of Work. But the firm also got a “C” on Work/Life Balance and “Bs” on everything else.

Several direct competitors did better on Training, Technology, Social Life, and Partner Approachability.  One got an A on Work/Life Balance.

Should you be worried?”


While a 2×2 matrix only explains two dimensions of a complex environment, it nevertheless provides a framework for the law firms to formulate and pursue deliberate performance strategies.  



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