Conduit Law is returning to its roots

Dialogue is not a news service. But the announcement from Toronto today that Conduit Law is returning to its roots warrants inclusion in these pages because, with what I assume to be the buy-back from Deloitte, it heralds another chapter in the evolution of the NewLaw business model.

For those who haven’t seen it, this is how the Conduit Law statement reads: 

“Conduit Law Announces Renewed Independence

September 29, 2017: Toronto, ON — NewLaw ground-breaker Conduit Law today announced its renewed independence as a fast-growth law firm, combining innovative new services, new technology, and forward-thinking lawyers.

“We have decided that Conduit Law can scale more rapidly as an independent firm,” said Peter Carayiannis, Conduit Law founder. “We are professionals with the highest standards of client service, but in a rapidly changing world we also need to be able to move in an agile and responsive way to deal with immediate client issues.”

“Conduit Law is back, better, and stronger than ever,” said Carayiannis. “With our sights set on national expansion, we will continue to innovate in the legal industry, we will always put our clients first, and strive to eliminate the billable hour.”

Founded in 2012, Conduit Law offers outsourced lawyers to support in-house legal teams, provides on-demand solutions for law firms, and assists clients with short-term projects and special engagements.”


What’s not said

What’s not said will probably turn out to be more important than the few words in the media release put out by Conduit Law today.

As this screenshot reveals, back in 2016 Peter Carayiannis (founder of Conduit Law) and Deloitte Canada announced an ‘affiliation’.

The Deloitte Canada website indicates the firm is continuing to offer legal services (viewed today): “Deloitte Canada’s legal professionals provide holistic guidance around strategic business decisions in global immigration, tax controversy, and tax litigation and offer cost-effective support for routine legal activities.

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Conduit Law is returning to its roots

Today’s Conduit Law–Deloitte Canada news that Conduit Law is returning to its roots adds a small, but important, new dimension.

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