Managing Partners on Change: Clients Don’t Ask, Partners Resist

Managing Partners on Change: Clients Don’t Ask, Partners Resist by D. Casey Flaherty is the first of a pair of posts on the challenge of effecting deep change in BigLaw model law firms. In Remaking Law Firms: Why & How we devoted the capstone chapter to this crucial subject. D. Casey Flaherty’s evidence-based insights are highly pertinent.

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Unless You Ask

Unless You Ask: A Guide For Law Departments To Get More From External Relationships is a terrific (and free) vade mecum for general counsel – to use a good old-fashioned expression with a contemporary flavour.

Author D. Casey Flaherty opens, “Given that clients are already voting with their wallets and their feet, ‘clients aren’t asking for it’ might not be the best guide to action.” Whether you are a GC or a BigLaw practitioner, read why Casey titled his book Unless You Ask – and learn from a pathfinder.

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Client-led change – Toward a more perfect legal market

As ‘Toward a more perfect legal market‘ demonstrates, D. Casey Flaherty is fast becoming one of the most influential commentators on the trends in the BigLaw supply chain. Courtesy of Casey, this post is reproduced from the 3 Geeks and a Law Blog where it first appeared on May 9, 2016. Casey makes a cogent case for research into reducing information asymmetry and increasing transparency in the legal services supply chain.

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