Did we serenely pass a tipping point?

Ken Grady’s post argues that a recent survey from Corporate Counsel magazine suggests we did pass a tipping point in legal services in the US. I would this tipping point has or is being reached in other major jurisdictions too. 

As my kids used to say, “Made you look”! Remember, we rarely know a tipping point until we have passed it. We see them while looking back. We realize the world changed as we watched another cute cat video. For the record, I prefer the video of Professors Collins and Stone talking with Judge Posner. The Judge shares some provocative thoughts about the Supreme Court.

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In search of the essence of General Counsel

In this essay on the Essence of General Counsel Ken Grady demonstrates his piercing insight and authority born of years of observation and reflection.

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Stop Pummelling BigLaw

Ken Grady’s title of his post today, Stop Pummelling BigLaw, is a really important sentiment with which I wholeheartedly agree. The BigLaw industry (remember BigLaw refers to the business model of all but a handful of today’s larger law firms) comprises 10s of 1000s of firms around the world. As Ken says “BigLaw is tough enough to take the punches and it doesn’t need me to defend it“, but the commentariat and NewLaw are serving no one’s interests by BigLaw bashing. 

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On the Future of Law Departments

Today Dialogue is pleased to publish this piece on the future of law departments by Ken Grady. Increasingly clients are leading change in the way they meet their legal needs.  We move forward by challenging the way things are today.

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There’s Gold in Them Servers

In There’s Gold in Them Servers, Ken Grady tells the modern BigLaw version of an early Californian gold rush story.

On January 24, 1848, John Wilson Marshall was building a water-powered sawmill for John Sutter. The mill was close to Coloma, California, near the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Marshall was a carpenter who had emigrated from New Jersey. Although Marshall wasn’t looking for gold, he later claimed that he knew immediately upon seeing the flakes what he had found. 

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