Remaking News of the Week: 4 BIG Legal Tech themes in 2019

Remaking News of the Week: 4 BIG Legal Tech themes in 2019 is a long – and very worthwhile – piece published in Artifical Lawyer on 2 August. It’s tech journalism at its best; I commend readers to invest the time to study 4 BIG Legal Tech themes in 2019 and, as always, form your own views. Please do share your comments.

“Loads is happening, the market is evolving rapidly, the world of legal tech and law firm innovation has never been so exciting. 2019 is only halfway through and already has produced many fascinating developments. The rest of the year may well be the same.”

It’s reported and summarised here, Four Big Themes Of Legal Tech + Innovation in 2019:


  1. Consolidation and Platformization
  2. Continued Proliferation of Legal Tech Companies
  3. Incubator/Accelerator Growth
  4. More Than Law – Law Firms as Tech Producers.

Also, for those who are or will be in London in October, Artificial Lawyer’s first all-day conference on legal innovation looks like a first-class opportunity to learn more, share your views network.

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