Remaking News of the Week: Featuring the work of Natalie Worsfold

Remaking News of the Week: Featuring the work of Natalie Worsfold comes to us out of Toronto, from where Natalie and Peter Aprile – the driving forces behind Counter Tax Lawyers – are pioneering their brand of NewLaw. Today Natalie shares a tool they have built to help law students choose the best place to work.

Natalie writes “I had an amazing afternoon yesterday at Toronto’sIFLP Institute for the Future of Law Practice Bootcamp, a really great group of students that are going to do amazing things.

I had forgotten how hard it is to make career decisions while you are in the early stages of law school and still learning about the legal industry.


I encourage everyone to read more from thought leaders like Mitch Kowalski, Jordan Furlong, Jae Um, George Beaton, Mark A. Cohen, William Henderson (and everyone on hashtaglawtwitter) to hear about the changes our profession is facing and what you can do to lead the way.

We have built a tool to help law students make good choices about the best place to work.

Everyone is different and values different things in life. Don’t feel you have to follow everyone else. Find somewhere you can be your whole self and go make a dent in the legal world

Disclosure: I was honoured to be interviewed by Natalie and Peter on their then new podcast in March 2016 at the time of the publication of Remaking Law Firms: Why & How by the American Bar Association

George Beaton

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