Remaking News of the Week: The best little law school in Australia

I recently joined a large crowd for breakfast in Melbourne to hear Foundation Dean Dan Hunter of the Swinburne Law School espouse why he is leading what he intends to be ‘the best little law school in Australia’.

I can already people asking ‘Why does Australia (read Canada, UK, US and many other countries) need another law school? All the stats and surveys show lengthening time for graduates to find a job related to their degree and a myriad of other indicia suggesting supply exceeds demand.

That’s true. But for some law schools, whether being ‘remade’ or start-ups like Swinburne, the intention to equip their students for a much greater range of careers in law. So, it’s not simply a question of supply, rather supply of what type of graduate?

Unsurprisingly, Dean Dan Hunter is an international expert in internet law, intellectual property and cognitive science models of law.

He holds a PhD from Cambridge on the nature of legal reasoning, as well as computer science and law degrees from Monash University and a Master of Laws by research from the University of Melbourne.

This deck provides a glimpse of how Dan views the future of law and why he intends to lead ‘the best little law school in Australia’.






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