For what are law schools training students?

Today from the redoubtable Mark A. Cohen Dialogue on Remaking Law Firms posts For what are law schools training students? This is part of our recent series on law schools and their role in the legal services ecosystem.

The legal profession and the trillion-dollar global industry are undergoing a transformation. The seminal elements of legal practice—differentiated expertise, experience, skills, and judgment—remain largely unchanged. The delivery of legal services is a different story altogether.

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The confusion of legal education + post-script

While The Confusion Of Legal Education is based on US experience, it’s relevant to all developed countries.

There may be one or two individuals out there who have missed the deluge of articles about what is happening in legal education. Let me bring you up to speed. The recession wrought its fury on the robust pipeline of undergraduate students going to law school, ripping it open and allowing students in that pipeline to spill out and head towards other occupations.

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Where are the law schools?

My post today – Where are the law schools? – is prompted by this media release ‘College of Law to Introduce Australia’s First Master of Legal Business Degree’.

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Remaking News of the Week: The best little law school in Australia

I recently joined a large crowd for breakfast in Melbourne to hear Foundation Dean Dan Hunter of the Swinburne Law School espouse why he is leading what he intends to be ‘the best little law school in Australia’.

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Legal Education in the 21st Century

This post on Legal Education in the 21st Century is a most welcome contribution to Dialogue. It is written by Professor Andrew (Andy) Perlman, Dean of the Suffolk University Law School. Given the intimate and crucial nexus between legal education and research and the practise of law, Dialogue seeks to strengthen the representation of the academy. 

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Law, where are you headed?

Today’s contribution to Dialogue is by Dr Eva Bruch of Spain. We first met when Eva engaged as a co-author in the online conversation that became NewLaw New Rules, my e-book on the NewLaw phenomenon. I am delighted to welcome Eva to Dialogue, more especially as she is the first contributor from western Europe.

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