The one with the board game

In The one with the board game Brian Inkster makes a welcome return to Dialogue on Remaking Law Firms reporting on a recent conference on a topics that’s not all that common today, the human elements involved in running a law practice. With all the tech buzz, one may be forgiven for forgetting that law is still first and foremost a people business. Thank you Brian!  

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Why everyone should read Legal Upheaval

Today’s headline on Dialogue, Why everyone should read Legal Upheaval, is a rhetorical statement emphasising my message and challenging readers to take action.

Michele DeStefano wrote Legal Upheaval: A Guide to Creativity, Collaboration and Innovation in Law to inspire practising lawyers to innovate, irrespective of how comfortable and successful they feel. In this she succeeds admirably. Here’s why…  

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Law firm business models and workplace culture

Law firm business models and workplace culture contributed by Michael Milnes is an especially welcome contribution to Dialogue on Remaking Law Firms; the piece is based on a Masters thesis and examines the nexus between business models and workplace culture.  

Michael sets out what he learned about making BigLaw firms a great place to work. 

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BigLaw firm change management: Reckoning and Retooling

BigLaw firm change management means having difficult conversations and empowering business development professionals. It’s a case of Reckoning and Retooling writes Heather Suttie.

A senior partner who has practiced law for 45 years recently observed to me, “The traditional firm pressures are huge. A few big failures and we will see radical transformation.

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What real transformative change could look like

What real transformative change could look like is the sequel to Ken’s post on Dialogue two days ago, Stagnation and the legal services industry. Ken does us all a great service by painting a concrete picture of his view of what the future might look like. He’s putting it out there for the rest of us to think about, test and challenge what real transformative change might look like. Let’s go to it!

I often write about radical transformation in the legal industry and how it has not arrived. That line of reasoning begs the question: what could radical transformation look like?

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Classic: What I would do if I ran a 20th-century law firm in the 21st-century

John Chisholm returns as agent provocateur with this classic: What I would do if I ran a 20th-century law firm in the 21st-century. Many have commented that remaking a BigLaw business model law firm is like turning the Queen Mary or changing a 747 engine at 12,000 meters. Now – slowly – more and more of these traditional firms are taking remaking steps. John’s polemic post, first published in 2015, is at once humorous and deadly serious. Enjoy.

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