Remaking News of the Week: Axiom’s IPO

Remaking News of the Week features Axiom’s intention to float in the US which was first reported on February 19, 2019.

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Axiom’s vision for legal services in the Asia-Pacific

In ‘Axiom’s vision for legal services in the Asia-Pacific‘ John Grimley, a regular contributor to Dialogue, conducts a Q&A with Kirsty Dougan, Axiom Law’s Head in Asia.

Not only does what Kirsty reveals shed light on Axiom’s vision and value proposition, it demonstrates the rapid growth and sophistication of legal services in the Region. 

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Remaking News of the Week: Harvard’s latest case study

Today’s Remaking News of the Week: Harvard’s latest case study reports on Lexoo, a NewLaw business legal services provider, and latest in a long line of law-related enterprises studied by Harvard academics.

As far as I can judge David Maister wrote Harvard Business School’s first case study on a law firm in 1983, Bennett, Strang & Farris. David was the trail-blazer of a treasure trove of work on the economics, strategy, culture and evolution of law firms and the legal services industry.   

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Ron Friedmann critiques report on Alternative Legal Service Providers

Hard on the heels of Heather Suttie’s No Alternatives Anymore post on Dialogue, Ron Friedmann critiques the recent Georgetown report on Alternative Legal Service Providers 2019.

Perhaps influenced by the subtitle, “Fast Growth, Expanding Use and Increasing Opportunity”, the many articles covering it suggested the findings portend trouble for law firms. I read the report differently.

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No ‘Alternatives’ Anymore

These days reference to ‘alphabet soup’ is frequent when speaking and writing about legal services. I recently heard Richard Susskind rattle off 20 different acronyms and names for the many and varied forms of legal services provider, which in my Remaking Law Firms book I called a ‘kaleidoscope’. In today’s post our regular contributor Heather Suttie calls for abandoning the term ‘alternative legal service provider’ (ALSP). I heartily concur. Read what Heather says and decide for yourself.

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