Law’s Emerging Elite: Enterprise Legal Service Providers, Part 2

The first article in this three-part series introduced enterprise legal service providers (ELSP’s), proclaiming their entitlement to the “elite” status accorded a cadre of brand-differentiated traditional partnership model firms. This essay analyzes in greater depth the emergent, transformative, and impactful role that enterprise legal service providers play in the global legal marketplace. This is Part 2 of Mark’s three-part series, with the third to follow on the Dialogue. .  

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Remaking News of the Week: Axiom’s IPO

Remaking News of the Week features Axiom’s intention to float in the US which was first reported on February 19, 2019.

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Ron Friedmann critiques report on Alternative Legal Service Providers

Hard on the heels of Heather Suttie’s No Alternatives Anymore post on Dialogue, Ron Friedmann critiques the recent Georgetown report on Alternative Legal Service Providers 2019.

Perhaps influenced by the subtitle, “Fast Growth, Expanding Use and Increasing Opportunity”, the many articles covering it suggested the findings portend trouble for law firms. I read the report differently.

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NewLaw is in the news

NewLaw is in the news again thanks to an excellent op-ed on the Australian scene by Lachlan McKnight, CEO of Legal Vision in Lawyers Weekly on December 28, 2018: Observations on NewLaw in Australia in 2018

These are my thoughts in response to Lachlan.

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5th anniversary of NewLaw New Rules

Five years ago, on December 15, 2013 I published NewLaw New Rules – A conversation about the future of the legal services industry. The 210 page e-book grew out of my 7 October 2013 post, which provoked a maelstrom of comments and replies, described by Richard Susskind as “a rapid-fire Socratic exchange…in the best spirit of peer production”.  

TheNewLaw New Rules narrative drew heavily on comments and replies from over 40 ‘innovators, law firm leaders, disruptors, gurus and rebels’ from many corners of the globe.

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The golden age of the legal entrepreneur

In The golden age of the legal entrepreneur, Mark Cohen explores why this age is now upon us and why it matters to society first and foremost and, not least to today’s lawyers.

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