Re-thinking legal services regulation by Stephen Mayson

My interim report for the Independent Review of Legal Services Regulation in England & Wales is now out and available here. This post is extracted from it.

While the reforms of the Legal Services Act 2007 have been mainly beneficial overall, that legislation might best be characterised as an incomplete step towards restructuring legal services regulation.

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Big Money Is Betting On Legal Industry Transformation

Big Money Is Betting On Legal Industry Transformation writes prolific contributor to Dialogue, Mark Cohen.

If “Money makes the world go ‘round,” then the legal world is spinning as never before. Law has been big business for decades, but only recently has significant venture capital, private equity, and entrepreneur money been pumped into the legal sector. Last year saw an eye-popping 718% increase in legal industry investment, and this year’s capital infusion through the third-quarter has already surpassed last year’s $1 billion total and could well double it.

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Private equity invests in NewLaw firm Axiom

Axiom Law, one of NewLaw’s pioneering companies, both internationally and in Asia, has announced a new private equity investment from Permira, a major investor in LegalZoom.  The new investment comes after a recent planned initial public offering (IPO) was cancelled.

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Choice point: Tackle this law firm profit problem or go for a surf

With the march of technology, law firms face a profit problem if two trends persist.

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Remaking News of the Week: Canadian business is turning away from BigLaw

I re-phrased the headline of this week’s Remaking News of the Week to read Canadian business is turning away from BigLaw because, like some others, I find the reference to ‘alternative legal service providers’ in the source of the news an anachronism.

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In Tune With the Future: College of Law Practice Management

The College of Law Practice Management presents In Tune With the Future, a conference focused on demonstrating how the future of legal practice has already arrived.

The conference will take place in Nashville on 24-25 October 2019, featuring 40+ experts presenting examples of the future in practice today.

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Legal innovation at Fireside 2019

A ‘happy camper’ was an accurate description of me one weekend last month. I was a guest at this year’s first-ever Legal Innovation Summit, which was part of the Fireside 2019 conference. The experience was extraordinary, writes Heather.

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